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Multi-Detector 16 Slice CT

CT (also called computed tomography or a CAT scanner), has become one of the most important tools to diagnose head and spine injuries, lung and liver disease, cancer, tumors, blood clots, internal bleeding and other diseases and illnesses.

The new Boot Ranch CT, called the Aquilion from Toshiba American Medical Systems, cuts the average CT exam time by 90 percent or more and reduces the radiation exposure to the patient due to its’ enhanced collimation. This means that each patient undergoing a CT scan will experience a shorter exam, which may lead to an even more rapid diagnosis.

The Aquilion is not just faster than any other system, it provides clearer, better, 3-D pictures of anatomical structures like aneurysms, tumors and infections, When radiologists can see what’s inside better, they make more accurate diagnoses.

Sample Images from the Aquilion 16 Slice CT

For additional sample images, refer to 16 Slice CT – Images.

Due to its’ speed and sensitivity, the Aquilion 16 slice CT is designed to secure detailed images of patients who may not be able to be imaged in MRI machines (due to metal or pacemakers). The Aquilion allows Rose Radiology – Boot Ranch to perform exams such as CT Angiography, Virtual CT Colonoscopy, and CT Lung Screeings.

Some CT exams require a contrast agent to enhance the pictures taken by the CT scanner. You will receive special instructions if your exam requires an oral or intravenous contrast agent in advance.


Just relax and resume your normal activities. There are no after effects of the exam.

Please refer to our FAQ-Spiral CT section for additional questions and answers.

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