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Palm Harbor, FL - In December 2015, Rose Radiology settled with the U.S. government for $8.71 million over various allegations in order to avoid prolonged litigation. Rose Radiology fully cooperated with a government investigation involving False Claims Act violations and has agreed to a settlement without any admission of wrong doing. Rose Radiology believes the allegations are baseless and without merit, as there can be no false claim without intent (principle of mens rea). These allegations mostly arose from Rose Radiology staff operating in what they believed were correct interpretations of vague and conflicting health care regulations and our staff had a reasonable interpretation of these rules. Despite the lack of merit to these allegations, Rose Radiology agreed to settle and refund several years of Medicare work that was all medically necessary and referred by respected community physicians.

All this Medicare work was medically necessary and done at the highest standards and highest quality. The quality of care was never alleged and never questioned during the government investigation. In order to focus on providing outstanding radiology services, Rose Radiology felt it was better to settle with the government demands, as the government naturally had a different interpretation of the complex regulations in health care today. Rose Radiology believes it�s near impossible to litigate against the US Government with its infinite resources. Due to the large sum, Rose Radiology will pay this settlement over many years, meaning that Rose Radiology will be seeing Medicare patients essentially for free over the next several years.

After one of Dr. Rose�s advisors recommended that he read the following books, �The Criminalization of Medicine; Americas War on Doctors� by Robert Libby, Ph.D. �Licensed to Lie,� by Sidney Powell, JD, �The Tyranny of Good Intentions,� by Paul Roberts Ph.D. and Lawrence M. Stratton, JD, Ph.D. and �It is Dangerous to be Right when the Government is Wrong,� by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, JD; then Dr. Rose agreed with his attorney that it is better to settle these allegations than go through the turmoil of litigating with the U.S. Government, where you lose even if you win.

Dr. Rose (who is an eight-year decorated physician Veteran of the U.S. Army) says, �I have always worked hard and served my country and my patients with high integrity. Faced with a lawsuit that could potentially destroy my practice, I elected to settle so needed radiology services could still be provided to our community. It�s so unfortunate that health care professionals are being targeted, especially if they work hard and have a successful practice. I will continue to work hard at my practice, but I�ll make sure we are ultra diligent in our compliance programs and we will try hard to be perfect. Rose Radiology is more committed than ever to a strict and transparent compliance program. Health care attorneys will be involved with any conflicting or vague regulations, of which there are many. We will continue to strive for the highest quality despite regulatory obstacles. We want the Tampa Bay community, our employees, our patients and our referring colleagues proud of our practice. We will continue to be dedicated to the highest quality of patient care despite this setback.�

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