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Multi-Slice Computed Tomography (CT)

Computed tomography (CT) scanning is a state of the art, fast, painless diagnostic examination that combines x-rays and computers. A CT Scan allows the radiologist to see the location, nature and extent of many different diseases or abnormalities inside your body.

Multiple low-dose x-rays are taken in sequence by a rotating x-ray tube. All you need to do is to lie still on a table for approximately 5 minutes. The tabletop will move you through the gantry (a donut shaped opening), which houses the x-ray tube and a set of detectors. The detectors pick up the x-rays that pass through your body. The computer then processes this information to form an image that the radiologist will review and interpret.

Some CT exams require a contrast agent to enhance the pictures taken by the CT scanner. You will receive special instructions if your exam requires an oral or Intravenous contrast agent in advance.

After Your Spiral CT Exam
Just relax and resume your normal activities. There are no after effects of the exam.

Please refer to our FAQ - Multi-Slice CT section for additional questions & answers.

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